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    • Translated into Farsi by Farshad Moshfeghi for Iran’s Music Report Magazine, 2012

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Book Chapter:

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Lecture Recitals:

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Conference Talks:

  • "Alexander John Ellis: Pitch Fundamentalist," American Musicological Society Annual Meeting," San Antonio TX (Nov. 2018)

  • “A Music ‘Freed from Artificial Temperament’: The Science and Politics Of Tanaka Shōhei’s Just-Intonation Instruments," The Keyboard as a Musical Interface: Materiality, Experience, Cognition, Idiom, Deutsches Museum, Munich, DE. (Jan. 2018)

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  • “Music, Nature, and Power in the Gardens of the Villa d'Este,” Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Boston, MA (Mar.-Apr. 2016)

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